Adnow Version 2 Demo

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To log in as an advertiser, you must first create a user from the administrator screen. To create a user, access the admin demo and click on "add company". Assign the user name and password to the company that you created. After you create a user, visit the demo screen for advertiser. You are ready to log in as an advertiser using the user name and password you just created. Have fun!

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Screen Shots
• Administrators: Advertisers

1. Login with your user name and password.

Login Page


2. "Add New Company" or "View" data for your company.

Add New Company or View Data


3. Add the company, then click "Add Campaign".

Add the Company


4. Add a Campaign for the company, then click "Next".

Add the Campaign


5. Add a New Advertisement then click "Add another advertisement" or "Done".

Add the Advertisement


6. View the Clients Profiles (from the Admin Center). Can select "Edit", "Delete", "Add New Campaign", "Note", "Ad New Ads", or "Email Report" from this screen.

Advertisement Management


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