Clicksee Adnow Version 2

The Clicksee Adnow Version 2 is the complete solution to banner ad management for small and medium web sites.

Easy Installation
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 can be used on a shared hosting environment. There are no components or executable files to run. You can just upload (FTP) and begin using the software.

User Friendly Interface
The administrator tasks can be done through a web browser on a 100% user-friendly interface. Even newcomers to the Ad Management software applications will have no problem navigating around the Adnow 2 interfaces.

100% compatible with Microsoft Windows NT/ Windows 2000
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 was totally written in ASP (Active Server Pages). It's a better choice for your .asp pages than other programming language such as Perl or Java Servlets.

Both MS Access and MS SQL databases are supported.
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 can work with both MS Access and MS SQL databases. You don't have to buy an upgrade to use Clicksee Adnow Version 2 with MS SQL database.

Built-in Weight System
Ads can be weighted, so some ads are displayed more often (or less) than others.

Built-in Location System
The ads can be assigned the "location." This allows you to display several ads in different positions on one web page.

Online statistics available for advertisers
Advertisers can view online stats reports through web browsers. Statistic are real-time and available 24x7. Each advertiser account is password-protected.

Multiple types of ads are supported.
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 supports a variety of banner types: GIF, JPEG, Animated GIF, Text ads, HTML banners, Flash banners, Java Applets, Rich Media banners, and 3rd party ad serve.

Ability to group the ads into a campaign.
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 offers you the ability to group ads into a campaign for ease of management and maintenance.

Multiple ways to set the expiration of the ads.
You can set the ads to expire by date, impressions, or clicks.

Ads can be automatically activated.
Using the "Hold-to-launch" feature, you can schedule the launch of the ads. They will automatically start running on the date you specify.

Ads or campaigns can be cloned.
Some advertisers may renew the same banner on your web site every month. You can use the "Clone" function to eliminate the time in setting up the new ad. Just one click and Clicksee Adnow will produce a new ad (or campaign) for you.

Filter between top banner and bottom banner
Sometimes web sites have banners on the top and the bottom of the page. Clicksee Adnow Version 2 provides the ability to filter the banner between top and bottom position.

Tools to help you manage the ads
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 comes with the built-in utility that gives you the list of the ads that are going to expire within the time or impressions specified, so you don't have to remember to remind advertisers to renew the advertising campaign when the ads are close to expiration. Adnow Version 2 comes with the tool that tells you the average click-through ratio of each location. You will be able to tell the advertisers how their ads are doing compared with the average ad in the same category.

Statistics report sent by email to advertisers
Clicksee Adnow Version 2 provides the administrator with the capability of configuring statistics to be sent to the advertiser by email on a recurring basis. For example, every day, every 3 days, every week, etc.
NOTE: In order to use this feature, the servers need to have ASPMail or ASPQMail installed. Most web hosts do have this email component. Please check with your web hosts or server administrators first.



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