About Us

Clicksee Network Co., Ltd.

Clicksee Network Co., Ltd., is a young and energetic company that has been developing source code and software since the inception of Active Server Pages (ASP). Our company is organized with programmers, business developers and graphic artists, which allow us to develop professional, exciting and user-friendly products that our customers are extremely satisfied with. Also with the expertise we possess, we are able to accurately target our audience and ensure their personal and professional satisfaction.

Clicksee Adnow Version 1

In April 2000, the first software developed by the Clicksee Network was introduced to the market. Clicksee Adnow version 1.0 is a web-based advertising management software written on Active Server Pages (ASP) technology and operates on Windows NT/WIndows 2000 platform.

Clicksee Adnow Version 2

On the 25th of October 2000, the Clicksee Network introduced to the market Version 2 of the premiere ad management software, Adnow, which has a 100% user friendly interface that integrates the administrator and advertiser into a mutually beneficial relationship at the click of a mouse. The administrator and advertisers have the ultimate flexibility in ad management with the Adnow Version 2. Check it out here!


We are working on many new projects. Please stay tuned!

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