The Adnow 2 Advantage

The Clicksee Adnow V. 2 is a complete solution to banner ad management for small and medium web sites.

Clicksee Adnow was written in ASP (Active Server Pages), so it's 100% compatible with the Windows NT/ 2000 platforms. The installation is easy. You don't need to have a physical access to a server. Clicksee Adnow works well on shared web hosting environment. It doesn't require you to install components or run an executable file on a server. You can just upload (FTP) Clicksee Adnow files to the server and begin using the software in a few minutes.

Clicksee Adnow offers a flexible solution for banner management. A 100% user-friendly interface allows you to easily add/edit/delete and manage records of advertisers. With the help of our tools, you will be able to find the advertisements that will expire within a customizable time period. You will no longer have to worry about forgetting to notify the advertisers to renew their campaigns!

A built-in statistics report function allows advertisers to view the real-time statistics report in the password-protected area. Clicksee Adnow can also email statistics report to you and your advertisers based on the time period specified.

The 'Hold to Launch' feature offers the ultimate flexibility in Ad Sales Management. Now you can schedule the launch of each ad and the ad will automatically start running on the date you specify. You don't have to be in front of your computer to manually start the ads ever again!

There are many new features in this version such as a banner filtering system, campaign, clone, support of rich media banner, and much, much more...

It has never been easier to manage online ads! We've built all the features that you want into this version of Clicksee Adnow.




There are several new additions to the Clicksee Adnow Version 2, click here to find out more.

We provide for your convenience a FAQ section and a support email form. We would appreciate you starting with the FAQ section simply because we dedicate an extremely significant amount of personnel and time to ensuring it is regularly updated on solutions our users need and chances are your problem will be answered in this section.

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